Why The Internet Thinks Aldi Is Closing

Food rumors can rise faster than the tastiest sourdough starter. While some internet rumors and comments have people believing that Aldi is closing, the fear of missing out on those favorite Aldi finds might be purely speculation. Recently, a Reddit post referred to a potential article, but it seems like it might just be a little more like the boy who cried wolf. 

Though the pandemic has seen various stores, retailers, chains, and restaurants closing, it doesn’t seem to have impacted Aldi and its business model. In fact, a study reported that Aldi is on track to become America’s third-largest grocery chain by 2022.

Another source reported that Aldi was also adding 100 new stores across America. In addition, the store’s curbside pickup was going to expand. As stated in a corporate press release, the additional new stores will be focused on California, Arizona, Florida, and the Northeast. With Aldi’s commitment to expansion, the speculation seems to be talk. While internet rumors can and will fuel chaos, the reality of the situation is that a new Aldi location is more likely to take place than the company closing.

 What’s Aldi’s commitment to its customers?

In a press release, Aldi’s CEO, Jason Hart, stated that the brand is committed to the “lowest possible prices every day.” While the statement might be a considerable undertaking, the CEO believes that the grocery store always provides great Aldi products at a value that can’t be matched. As customer loyalty has people coming back week after week to shop for new products, Aldi’s dedication to this practice is the key to its growing success.

Today, with Aldi’s commitment to be a grocery value leader, the brand is starting to challenge other big names in the business. Though the company is on it’s way to be the third-biggest grocery chain in America, the status isn’t just handed over on a silver platter. When value leads to consumer spending, companies must deliver, or consumers will find alternatives. When a company balances value, variety, and customer loyalty, it succeeds, and that’s the combination that Aldi appears to have found.