Trail Cam Footage Shocks the Nation

Trail cameras can be used for a wide range of purposes, from helping hunters to observing wildlife. They are an essential tool in the field, and they provide information that wouldn’t be available otherwise. To put it simply, trail cams are super exciting and have captured some of the wackiest things that animals do! 

Spooky deer

A trail cam captured a deer standing on its hind legs. Could this be a sign of their intelligence? Or merely a curious creature taking a midnight stroll? Deer are shy, so it is possible that the animal was startled by something and stood up to get a better view. Either the deer felt threatened or it was simply stretching. We may never know the truth.

Lion date night

Two mountain lions had an intimate moment that proved to be adorable and heartwarming. A cam set up near a designated feeding site captured the couple snuggling up. Just like us humans, they were enjoying a romantic dinner. The two were busy being affectionate, oblivious to the camera. Not only were we surprised by the moment captured on film, but the video also gives us a better understanding of the relationships between mountain lions. 

Riding raccoon

What would you do if you saw a raccoon hop on a wild boar? What if you caught it on camera? A cam managed to capture the surreal footage where the raccoon certainly doesn’t seem shy. He hops right on, and the boar seems unmoved. Maybe he figured it was just another one of his friends coming to share his food.

Antlers with sticks

Sometimes animals will look guilty — even when there’s no need. We know that it’s not unusual for animals to eat certain special food items in nature, but what does a deer have to be doing with a bushel of sticks surrounding its head? Deer have antlers to fight during the mating season and to show their dominance. They are covered in hair at all other times, making them a bit more docile. Antlers are made of bone marrow and are very lightweight. But a trail cam captured a deer’s antlers filled with sticks, which was rather funny. 

Howling wolves

There aren’t many things that can put this much fear in people than the howl of a wolf. It sounds like they’re coming straight at you, and there’s no way to even try and hide from them. That’s why a trail cam’s footage of three wolves howling at once was remarkable (but also scary).