This is Insane! Patrick Mahomes Tossed One of the Best TDs Of the Year!

When you watch Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes play, he makes the incredible look routine. Mahomes pulls off something new every Sunday, leaving fans’ jaws on the floor.

During Sunday’s game against the Broncos in Denver on Dec. 11, Mahomes was on the verge of being sacked when he threw a no-look, underhand pass to RB Jerick McKinnon.

What no one saw coming.

In the early part of the second quarter, Mahomes dropped back to pass but found no open receiver. After breaking a tackle, he appeared to be headed out of bounds for no gain.

But just in time, Mahomes caught a glimpse of McKinnon out of the corner of his eye and tossed a no-look pass to the running back. With open space in front of him, McKinnon raced to the end zone for six points. 

Here are two looks at the play:

Credits: Twitter

The closer view is way better! 

Credits: Twitter

Mahomes magic! 

Mahomes is one of the most athletic and creative quarterbacks in the NFL. He uses his quickness to escape pressure and his creativity to find open receivers. And it wasn’t the first time Mahomes had put on a show at Mile High Stadium. 

In 2018, when the Chiefs were leading late in the game, Mahomes used his left hand to throw a pass to Tyreek Hill while being tackled to the ground.

Despite some offseason changes, the Chiefs are still rolling, and they have Mahomes to thank.