These Family Christmas Cards Are Making Us Go Wild

It’s that time of year again!

You know, the one where you sit with your favorite Yuletide snack and spend a few hours watching one of those cheesy holiday movies, wearing your ugliest holiday-themed sweaters.

Christmas holidays are a time of the year that you can’t avoid. Embrace the holiday season with these fun, heartwarming, and wacky family Christmas cards. They will brighten up your holidays. 

A hostage Christmas

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This family earns bonus points for their originality and for including the entire family—including the infant. The typical reaction of older siblings to the arrival of a new baby in the family is perfectly captured by this image that shows an adorable hostage situation. 

A Christmas miracle

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This card is about the giving spirit. In the image, the dog appears to be desperate to give away (read: get rid of) the family cat. Here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle, at least for the dog’s sake! 

Modern, digital Christmas

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This card reflects the reality of modern family life, which in recent years has meant focusing on your phone rather than on your loved ones. There should be a rule prohibiting cell phones at the dinner table, at least during Christmas.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal

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This family is getting into the family spirit by paying homage to one of the funniest and arguably most cherished Christmas movies ever, Home Alone. The child imitating Kevin’s famous movie face is our favorite part.

The Pet Psychic: A Christmas Special

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This looks like a commercial for a psychic who can communicate with people and animals. It seems like the man on the couch is intensely focused and wants to assist you in communicating with your deceased pets. We would definitely watch The Pet Psychic if it became a TV program.

On a Christmas day far, far away

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These sweet holiday wishes are coming to you from a galaxy far, far away.

Although the babies Ewok and Yoda are adorable, Princess Leia steals the show. This card is certainly out of the world!

A family of nutcrackers

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The family that dresses up together stays together and makes the best Christmas cards. These nutcrackers and their pets have created a great and unforgettable holiday card. But we have to wonder if they had to draw the facial hair with a sharpie.

A Christmas line-up

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You have to question why so many people are looking to identify these Santa Clauses and what they are allegedly up to. Overall, this card is very well made, and anyone would enjoy receiving it in the mail.

Gingerbread nightmare before Christmas

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This adorable family appears to be experiencing their worst nightmare. They’ve been transformed into gingerbread cookies, and now someone will eat them. This really seems like a nightmare before Christmas.

Away in a manger

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This Christmas card captures the essence of the season, which is, perhaps, the unique moment of the dog’s birth for this family. The new parents are overjoyed and proud of their bundle of joy. The dog, however, does not appear to be happy.

A jazzy Christmas

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Jazzercise with a dash of disco? It took an incredible amount of effort to create this image. They not only got the right costumes, but chest-haired-dad could sell us a fitness VHS any day. Now, this adds a sparkle to the holiday. 

Christmassy American Gothic

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This couple has probably been paying attention in art class and has some artsy friends to understand the reference. They were able to put a humorous spin on Grant Wood’s depressing yet famous painting, “American Gothic.”

The decorations on the house would have been the best part of this card if it weren’t for the perfect deadpan expression on the couple’s faces. Their art teacher must be thrilled.