The Most Fascinating Military Vehicles of All Time

In 2019, the United States Department of Defence was granted a budget of $686.1 billion for the purchase of military equipment. Given how much money is allocated toward military funding, it isn’t surprising that the United States Armed Forces have some of the best military vehicles in the world. 

Although the United States Armed Forces have used a plethora of legendary vehicles over the years, the ones listed here are considered the most superior. So, whether you’re an auto buff or are interested in joining the Armed Forces, you’re bound to find this list of the best military vehicles intriguing. 

P-19R Aircraft Firefighter

The P-19R Aircraft Firefighter by Oshkosh Defense is the number one choice when it comes to lifesaving. The P-19R is the only vehicle that can carry 1,000 gallons of water and 130 gallons of foam agent at the same time. This makes the aircraft suitable for fighting forest fires and putting out oil well fires, as well. Despite the aircraft having impressive specs and capabilities, Oshkosh Defense developed a next-generation version of it in 2016. This aircraft is currently the best option to rescue fallen aircraft. 

Image credits: Twitter