Taylor Swift To Appear on SNL For ‘Red’

Taylor Swift has been trying to get back ownership of her music and has even offered to buy her albums back from record labels. Unfortunately, things have not been easy for the singer. 

“I made it very clear that I wanted to be able to buy my music. That opportunity was not given to me, and it was sold to somebody else. And so I just figured, I was the one who made this music first. I can just make it again,” said Taylor Swift.

Now, she is set to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live, alongside host Jonathan Mayors. The promo also features Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang. The highly-anticipated Red (Taylor’s Version) was released on November 12, which features Babe, her vault track, and the fan-favorite 10-minute version of All Too Well, which has a short film release scheduled as well. Watch the video here.