Taco Bell Workers Beat Man – Here’s Why

According to news outlets, Nebraska authorities have arrested three men following a fight at a Taco Bell.

A 53-year-old man who police identified as homeless caused trouble at the Lincoln Taco Bell around 9 pm on Saturday, December 10, leading to a brawl with employees.

What happened

According to witnesses, two Taco Bell employees, aged 18 and 19, fought with the man and beat him with an aluminum broomstick and a metal chair.

When they asked the 53-year-old to leave the building, he hit the glass door with a metal rod, causing about $400 in damage. The employees called the police at the fast-food restaurant after he shattered the door.

All three men were arrested for their involvement in the fight. The 18-year-old worker faces a charge of second-degree assault, while the 19-year-old worker is charged with aiding and abetting a felony. Police arrested the 53-year-old on suspicion of damaging another person’s property, officials said.

Yet another Taco Bell incident

In a video shared widely on social media, five Taco Bell workers are seen brutally beating a customer and his girlfriend after they complained about waiting 45 minutes for their food.

Joe Boback and his girlfriend ordered food from the fast food restaurant on 11th and Chestnut streets in Philadelphia around 10 pm on February 24. After waiting about 45 minutes for their food, Boback and other customers complained to some employees. Shortly after their complaint, Boback was attacked by several employees.

Video evidence of the act

In a 30-second video, one employee is seen walking outside the restaurant, where several others were seen repeatedly striking Boback with their fists. Boback’s girlfriend is heard yelling: ‘Stop it! Stop!’ Meanwhile, their friends run outside to record the scene and urge the employees to stop.

Boback was seen on the ground being held in a headlock by one employee while another punched him in the back. Boback’s girlfriend tried to intervene, but she was attacked too. Shortly after the incident, the couple posted videos and photos of their injuries on Twitter.

When he reached out to Taco Bell for justice, they offered him a $20 gift card. It seemed like they thought he said ‘birthday,’ not ‘assault.’

Following the incident, the company fired all of the workers involved.

It’s unclear what exactly provoked the attack since Boback, and his girlfriend were the only customers attacked, even though several others complained.