Protect Your Furry Friends From Pet Theft

There has been a sudden increase in the number of pet thefts lately. Almost all of the pet owners reported the same manner of theft. Between 11 pm and 1am, the owners woke up to extremely loud barking and thrashing sounds. On investigating, they realized that their dogs were missing. The owners also reported that their yard was in a mess. 

These events are out of the ordinary and heartbreaking. Pet theft is a crime, and so is breaking and entering. We’re taking this matter seriously. All owners have reported their missing pets to the authorities. The Neighborhood Homeowners Association has done so as well. 

Till we find the culprit, we encourage all pet owners to take active steps to keep their pets safe.

 The following guidelines have been advised to prevent further pet thefts.

Please read these guidelines carefully-

1. Put ‘Beware of Dog’ signs around your property

Displaying such signs around your house can be a good deterrent for pet criminals and home invaders. Between the loud barking and the threat of being bitten, a house with a dog poses a higher risk to an intruder even if their goal is to steal them. But, ensure your sign depicts a large, protective dog breed that is known for being very dangerous and intimidating. 

Even if you don’t own a large pet, there’s no harm in adding signs that make it appear that you have one. When posting these signs, ensure that they are displayed in a prominent place around the exterior of your property.

2. Keep your dog indoors or lock it in a cage after dusk

We all love our dogs and don’t want them to get hurt. So, when going to bed, think about putting your dog in a crate or another room. If there’s a pet thief, you’ll be able to protect your dog. When it comes to home invasions, a dog that’s allowed to roam freely in the house is more likely to make an intruder feel threatened. You could also keep your dog inside your home once it gets dark, as your pet will be much safer inside your home.

3. Invest in quality home security devices

Security gadgets help prevent intruders from breaking into your home and stealing your pets. Some dog breeds are more popular than others. Thieves are looking for expensive dogs like the Chinese Shar Pei, French Bulldog, or Samoyed to sell. 

To prevent your dog or other pets from being stolen, protect your property against intruders by investing in home security devices that make it difficult for burglars to enter through locked doors and windows.