Mysterious Booms Frighten Local Residents

For U.S. residents, mysterious booms seem to be everywhere this year. With 64 locations reporting similar sounds, people have been puzzled about what’s causing the high-decibel sounds and where they came from.

” It was a perfectly normal day and then BOOM! All of a sudden, it’s this huge explosion and you have to do a double take. My dog freaked out completely,” a local tweeted.  

“It’s more than just curiosity, is something going on?” another local questioned.

“Everyone’s just in a panic and a bit puzzled,” added another resident we spoke to. 

A slight tremor shook the ground, causing residents to wonder if a more powerful earthquake would occur. News channels and social media feeds were abuzz with reports of concerned residents trying to find out what was happening. 

What was that? Was it an earthquake? Or a house explosion? Or a meteor crashing down from the sky? Or did a plane crash nearby?

Series of mysterious booms across the country

When residents flooded Twitter and Facebook with complaints about loud explosions that shook their houses, the U.S. Geological Survey admitted there was nothing to worry about. No earthquakes or seismic activity had been reported. 

Although no one was hurt, many people were frightened by the strange occurrence because there was no explanation.

Could it be a sonic boom? 

When a jet or plane reaches supersonic speeds, it creates a sonic boom. A sonic boom is a loud sound generated by shock waves.

Sonic booms make a deep, thunder-like sound that can shake buildings. The lower an aircraft flies, the louder it is heard. At higher altitudes, the boom’s lateral spread is also greater, exposing a wider area to the boom. Navy, Army, and Federal Aviation Administration officials reported that no tests or planes could have caused the loud noise. 

Some people believe Tannerite is the culprit.

Most people use Tannerite to fire rifles and pistols at targets and shoot for fun. It can be purchased at stores like Academy or ordered online. When shot, it can cause a loud deafening sound that can be heard and felt from miles away. 

Tannerite is also popularly used for gender reveals and can be a fun Christmas present. That’s why people think it’s responsible for these loud booms. However, no concrete evidence exists to support the blame.

Once again, the mystery remains unsolved. Scientists are continuing to analyze new data to determine the cause of the boom.