Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders in 2022

NFL cheerleaders are quite literally the most beautiful women in the game. Although people enjoy watching their favorite teams make it to the playoffs or win the Super Bowl, the cheerleaders are a big reason to look forward to these games. We have picked some of the most beautiful NFL cheerleaders in 2022 who will draw you away from the game. Check them out here. 

Lauren: New York Jets

Lauren is an NFL cheerleader for the New York Jets. This team has one of the hottest cheerleader uniforms, and Lauren proudly rocks it!

Kaylyn Slevin: San Diego Chargers

Kaylyn is a model and a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers. Her beauty and modeling experience make her a favorite among fans.

Savannah: Philadelphia Eagles

With her blonde hair and gorgeous smile, Savannah is among the most elegant women in the Philadelphia Eagles’ cheering squad. 

Trystan Porginski: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals may have never won a game, but Trystan is one of the few reasons fans continue to watch them. She’s gorgeous and a talented dancer with unmatched skills on the field.

Candes: Washington Redskins

Beauty with brains – Candes is a stunning cheerleader for the Redskins and a software engineer at the University of Maryland. Not only is she a top contender for this list, but she is also a potential All-Star. 

Brittany: Baltimore Ravens

Brittany is one of the most beautiful cheerleaders from the Baltimore Ravens. She will have you entranced by her beauty and grace.

Alexis Rose: Indianapolis Colts

It’s hard to pay attention during a Colts game when they have beautiful cheerleaders like Alexis Rose. This paralegal grabs your eyes when she’s on the field. 

Justene: Los Angeles Rams

A cheerleader for the Rams, a Miss Montana Pageant Winner, and a dance guru with sultry good looks, Justene is the total package. 

Alexis Peterson: Dallas Cowboys

Credits: Pinterest

Not only is Alexis the most beautiful NFL cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys, but she is also Cogent Infotech’s Director of Marketing Communications. Imagine that! We’re definitely looking forward to seeing her on the field. 

Summer: Saints

Summer is a magnetic personality who draws thousands to her performances. A morally upright person, she holds a degree in Healthcare Marketing from the University of Missouri.

In no particular order, these stunning women hold the title of the most beautiful NFL cheerleaders in 2022. Are there any other notable icons you’d like to add to the list?