How to Run a Virus Scan on Your Android

Android devices are often targeted by hackers, given that the OS powers numerous devices. That said, by installing an antivirus program on your phone and running regular virus scans, you can ensure your device is protected at all times. Here’s a quick guide to performing a virus scan on your Android device. 

1. Install antivirus software: First, go to the Google Play Store and download an antivirus program of your choice. There are numerous options, so make sure to check the ratings of each and download the one with the highest rating. 

2. Create an account for yourself: Next, open the antivirus app and create an account if that is a requirement. Once you are logged into your account, select the “Scan” option. Keep in mind that the app may ask for permissions to your contacts, camera, phone, microphone, storage, and SMS – this is normal. 

3. Let the scan run: Give the antivirus app enough time to scan your device completely and check for malicious software. 

4. Resolve the issues: If a threat is detected, the app will usually find a solution to resolve it. Some viruses could be quarantined on your phone, while others may be completely deleted. If a malicious application is on your smartphone, make sure to uninstall it immediately. 

If there are any problem apps that you wish to uninstall, start by putting your Android device in Safe Mode by turning off third-party access (you can do this by going to “Settings” on your phone). If the problem goes away once you do this, you’ll know the issue is because of a virus. Next, check all the apps you’ve downloaded and look out for ones that you don’t recognize or are running in the background without permission. Once you’ve detected the malicious app, you can remove it from your phone by clicking the “Uninstall” button.