How to Keep Your Dog Safe From Thieves

Few pet owners realize that protecting their dogs from potential theft is as important as keeping their car doors locked or equipping their homes with security alarms. Although dog napping isn’t necessarily something most pet owners want to think about, it’s important to be prepared at all times. 

Dog flipping

Dog flipping is the illegal practice of taking a dog away from its owner by claiming to be the original owner or taking a dog from a shelter. This often causes agony for the stolen animals, who may be permanently separated from their homes and owners. High-value dog breeds such as bulldogs and French bulldogs are often stolen, as are smaller breeds such as chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers.

How do thieves steal dogs? 

Taking a dog without permission, or stealing a dog, is easier than most people realize. Being around someone who is stealing a dog may put you at risk of legal repercussions. 

If you take your dog as a companion on errands, don’t let your pet stay in the car alone for long. If a determined thief can’t reach your dog through the car window, he or she may smash a window to get at the dog.

When people tie up their dogs outside a store, they are often putting their pet in danger of being stolen by thieves because the dog will be vulnerable during that time. People who steal dogs will lure them with food, toys, or other enticements. To protect your dog, keep an eye on them when they are outside and make sure your yard is secure.

How can you safeguard your dog?

Dog theft is a real danger. The first step to safeguarding your dog is to make sure that there’s a microchip in place and that your contact information that is linked is accurate. You can take your dog to the veterinarian for microchipping to have this done. The process enables the vet to place the chip in your name. This can facilitate the recovery of stolen pets.

Another safety tip: If your dog is of high value, don’t brag about it to people you don’t know well. Thieves may be on the prowl for a valuable pooch like yours. If your pooch is stolen, distribute fliers and post information about him or her on social media sites. Call the police, your microchip company, and other lost-dog and stolen-dog databases in your area to report your dog missing immediately.