How to Find the Best Local Restaurants

When you’re in a new city or town, you want to eat where the locals eat. But finding the best local restaurants requires you to do a little research. If you’re in a large city, this is pretty easy – all you need to do is look up a few reviews. However, if you’re visiting a smaller town and want to experience the region’s local cuisine, you’re unlikely to find any relevant information online. But that shouldn’t stop you from eating at the best local eateries when you’re vacationing. Here’s what you need to do to find the top restaurants in any city or town you visit.

Step 1: Speak to the locals

If you’re visiting a new city or town, don’t just look at the brochures at the local tourist bureau. Instead, talk to the people who work there and ask them what restaurants they recommend. Do the same thing at gas stations, your hotel, and the stores you visit.

Step 2: Visit the city’s website 

Most cities have a website that’s used to promote tourism. You’re likely to find a ‘Dining’ section on these websites. This section is likely to feature popular eateries in the area. You may also find menus and discover what cuisines different restaurants specialize in.

Step 3: Look for places that are packed

When you’re exploring a new city or town, keep an eye out for busy restaurants. Restaurants that are packed usually have something great to offer. After all, if people are willing to wait in line, that says a lot about the quality of food at the restaurant. Avoid eateries with scant crowds.

Step 4: Book a culinary walking tour

Culinary walking tours are becoming more and more popular in cities across the world. These tours are a great way to try numerous local dishes, and you also get to explore the city and meet new people while at it.

Step 5: Attend local events

If you’ve moved somewhere new or are in a new city or town for an extended visit, don’t shy away from attending local events like a church supper or a fund-raising dinner party. These events usually feature local delicacies, which means you’ll get to try a bit of everything and chat with people about restaurants you should frequent.

Step 6: Search for restaurant reviews on Yelp

If you’re in a major city, it helps to check the Yelp reviews of different restaurants in the area. Just keep in mind that people are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one. Still, if you find that a restaurant has numerous positive reviews, it’s definitely worth checking out.