Hosting Sunday Night Football? 5 Things You Need to Impress Your Guests

Even the most experienced host might need more time to tackle hosting Sunday Night Football. After all, you don’t want your guests to feel like they’re on the sidelines. If you’re planning on hosting a football party this season, here are five things to make your game-watching experience feels like a winner.


Decorations are the easiest way to let your guests know you’re looking forward to watching the game with them. Just make sure it’s not too distracting so people can focus on the game!

If you have a favorite team, then show it off by getting decorations in their colors. You can get flags, banners, and balloons in practically any theme. You could even go the extra mile and make your own decorations. Invite people a little early so you have time to hang up any decorations.

Food and drinks

When hosting a Sunday night football party, it’s important to have plenty of snacks. The most popular finger foods are buffalo wings, nachos, and jalapeño poppers. Mozzarella sticks and cocktail shrimp are also good choices. Vegetables and dip are always a hit with guests as well.

You should provide plenty of options for alcoholic drinks, and if you want to spice things up, you can look into getting a cocktail mixing set or hiring a bartender. Also, provide water and other non-alcoholic beverages for guests who don’t drink alcohol.

Big-screen TV

After you’ve covered the food and drinks, you should ensure that your guests will have a great viewing experience. If you live in a small apartment, a 43- to 55-inch TV will be sufficient. However, your guests might expect you to have a big-screen TV if you have more room. Big-screen TVs are usually 55 to 85-inches wide. An 85-inch TV might be overkill and expensive, so it’s best to go with one in the 55- to 75-inch range.

Also, make sure the TV is in an ideal location. No one wants to walk across the room to catch the action whenever someone grabs a pass or scores a point. The TV should be in clear view of where people are most likely to gather.

Fun card games

During halftime, you may have some extra time on your hands. Why not liven up your party with fun, interactive games that everyone can play? Card games are great for entertaining a crowd.

‘Cards Against Humanity’ and ‘What Do You Meme?’ are classic games that never fail to get a good laugh from your friends. They’re an entertaining way to take a break from the sports on TV that will distract your friends from their team’s victory or defeat.


While a soundbar isn’t necessary, it can make a big difference in your game-watching experience. Built-in TV speakers offer poor sound quality, and if you have a lot of people in your living room, it can get noisy. If you want to hear the game better, a sound bar is excellent for ramping up the volume without sacrificing clarity. 

After the game, you can keep the party going by playing great music and ensuring everyone around is having a great time.