Hilarious Poses With Statues That Will Make Your Day

A new craze is sweeping the world, one statue at a time. If you’ve ever visited a major city or just wandered around someplace with statues of historical figures, you’ve probably seen people posing with them. But these aren’t just any people. These creative types go out of their way to find the best positions and locations for a photo. Let’s look at some of the hilarious captures we’ve seen online! 

Straight out of a movie

Source: rephan

One of the most famous movie scenes of all time is when King Kong picks up Ann Darrow and tenderly carries her in his arms while she is trembling with fear. Here, a lady riding a bicycle decided to recreate that iconic scene with this sculpture of a mama grizzly bear.

There are a few different ways to view this image. Perhaps the mama bear is carrying away her dinner. On the other hand, maybe she’s helping her get back onto her bicycle. 

It’s a perfect match.

Source: savvydime.com

These guys seem to have really gotten into the spirit of things once they stepped into the museum. While it’s normal for people to take pictures of or with the sculpture, these five men created a real-life imitation of the art. And they nailed it! 

The positioning of these statues is spot on. But they didn’t stop at just that. They went the extra mile and took pieces from their outfits to help them look exactly like the statues. Hats off! 

Caught in the act

Source: ZeroCiipheR

It seems like this photo was taken in a political museum or state building. You can find statues like these in buildings around the world that are open to the public. Here you’ll find sculptures of ancient politicians presumably debating and making laws.

This photo is so good because it’s so believable. Politicians are known for taking bribes, and here we see one young man slipping a politician some cash behind his back. This capture will definitely go down in history.        

Blown away!

Source: mickeymoo

This statue in Salt Lake City depicts a mother swinging her child around. The playful mother-and-daughter duo could be having fun or fighting the wind — it’s hard to tell! 

Passersby, who thought it looked like a tornado, didn’t hesitate to grab onto the little girl. It seems like they’re trying to help them stay on the ground so that they don’t fly away as well. That was very nice of them to help you out. Excellent teamwork, guys. It looks amazing! 

Calling all the single ladies

Source: Luqman5739

This sculpture may have existed before Queen Bey by a few decades, but the subject’s pose is still awe-inspiring. The man is looking down with his head slightly tilted, but his toned physique makes him seem like an icon even today.

Here are two women in this photograph who breathed new life into this piece. They decided to mimic the statue’s pose with the iconic “Single Ladies” stance. This statue is probably where Beyoncé got the idea for her music video.