When Su Yun saw her two-year-old dog do something out of character, she was forced to consider that something wasn’t right. But it was too late when she tackled her denial and accepted the truth. Su Yun realized that she was in big trouble, and soon, the cops would knock on her door…

A family vacation takes a strange turn

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It all began innocently. Su Yun lived in Kunming, China, with her two children and her husband. The mother was feeling the pressure of juggling family life and a job, so she decided it was time for a holiday. But what Su Yun didn’t know was that fate had something weird in store for her. With bags packed, the Yuns left for the vacation that would change their lives. After their arrival, the family came across a litter of cute puppies.

Love at first sight

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The sight of the adorable pups made the kids plead with their mom and dad. Su and her husband were ecstatic with their new family member and named him “Little Black.” But they had no idea that this little pup would soon become a pretty big problem. The family felt their bond growing with their new dog and would even let Little Black sleep inside the house. The pet was more than happy to stay close to his family. But it wasn’t long before Su began to notice something odd about Little Black.

Little Black was no ordinary dog

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Su thought it was strange that he wouldn’t eat the dog food that was offered to him. The only things Little Black would eat were noodles and fruit. Since she was a first-time dog owner, she didn’t think much of it and thought her pet was being fussy. As days went by, Little Black began eating more and more. He would devour a box of mixed fruits and buckets of noodles, yet his appetite showed no sign of slowing down! 

Getting bigger by the day

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Though Su Yun had expected Little Black to be a big dog, she wasn’t prepared for how large he was getting. He was three feet tall and weighed over 250 pounds at two years old. One day, Su saw Little Black doing something disturbing in the kitchen. That raised all the red flags. By the time Little Black was a year old, Su was spending a lot of money on his food. Besides his unusual preference for fruit and noodles, the family noticed some other worrying things about their new pet. But, they never thought that there could be legal trouble down the road…

Things started getting really fishy

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One day, Su Yun saw Little Black standing on his hind legs. Eventually, he stopped walking on all fours. His size and big, white teeth made it frightening to be around him. Yet, Su was in denial. Over time, the dog had become a spectacle. Soon, he was too large to fit inside the house. The family eventually built him a dog house in the yard. But, of course, simply moving him outside didn’t make their problems go away.

The big shocker

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Little Black never did any of the usual things dogs would do, like guarding the house against intruders or barking at strangers. Instead, he would growl. The family thought that they had made a huge mistake. Su began to do some research on normal Tibetan Mastiff behavior online. She posted a picture of the pet online. Shockingly, she found out through a vet on an online forum that Little Black was a bear. The vet was obligated to call the police!

Rock and hard place

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The doctor informed her that he was an Asiatic black bear, aka the Tibetan Bear or Himalayan Bear. These animals can reach a height of over six feet and weigh 440 pounds! Unfortunately, Chinese laws prohibit owning bears. In fact, it’s an offense punishable by jail time! Su Yun was in a dire situation. As much as she loved Little Black, she knew she couldn’t keep him anymore. What if he was aggressive towards her or her children? It wasn’t worth the risk. Her first course of action was to call the zoo.

A happy ending for all!

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Unfortunately, the zoo wouldn’t take Little Black without the proper paperwork. Furthermore, they had purchased the bear while on holiday and had no way of contacting the person who had sold him. Su had no recourse, so she called the police herself. Little did she know, she was already on their radar.

The police arrived with wildlife experts after being tipped off by the vet who had seen her post. Su Yun had a lot of explaining to do. Officials found the bear to be well-fed and healthy. They tranquilized him to transport Little Black to the local wildlife center. Fortunately for Su, she continued to cooperate with the officials and avoided jail time. Little Black was moved to a sanctuary nearby and is in good hands.