Cheaters Caught on Camera

There’s some truth to the adage, “The heart wants what the heart wants.” Unfortunately, this can sometimes make people do rather unforgivable things, like cheating on their partners. But with social media, it’s not that easy to keep one’s adultery hidden. Here’s a look at a few unbelievable cheating moments that were caught on camera and exposed on social media. 

Wrong night to go to Applebee’s

All this woman wanted to do was enjoy some great food at Applebee’s. Unfortunately, she was in for a shock. When she arrived at the local Applebee’s joint, she spotted her friend’s boyfriend there, as well. The problem, however, was that he was with a different woman. She, of course, did what any loyal friend would do – she took a photo of the two of them and shared it online. What a night to have stepped out! 

Image credit: BrainSharper

Bed, breakfast, and busted!

What do you do when you suspect the person you’re currently dating is cheating on you? Well, you’re naturally going to be on guard! This woman, however, was so ahead of the game that she actually tracked her partner down at the hotel he was staying in with another woman. She then went on to capture a photograph of him looking extremely embarrassed on the hotel bed and posted it online! He also shared the photo online and admitted he was wrong publicly. 

Image credit: BrainSharper

Don’t brag about it

Cheating on your partner is nothing to be proud of. And you definitely don’t want to brag about your sexual conquests to your friends, especially in public. This guy clearly didn’t get the memo because he couldn’t stop bragging to his friends about the multiple affairs he was having, during his train ride from Philadelphia. Fortunately, the woman in front of him took a photo of him and posted it on social media, explaining what had happened. And the best part is that the post actually found its way to the guy’s partner. 

Image credit: BrainSharper

Status update

We’ve seen instances of people having to publicly shame themselves on social media as a form of punishment for cheating on their spouses. But we’ve never quite seen something like this. This guy posted an image of him admitting he cheated on his wife (and why) on social media. But what’s truly bizarre is that he noted that his image had to get at least 10,000 likes for his wife to take him back!

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Double trouble

Many people don’t mind posting racy photos of themselves and their partners on social media. However, sometimes, these photos can get quite a lot of attention, as this guy found out. When a girl whom he was seeing posted a naughty photo of the two of them on social media, he was certainly not prepared for his actual girlfriend to see the photo. His girlfriend was understandably livid and called him out on social media for his behavior. We can bet he got in trouble with the girl who posted the image, as well.

Image credit: BrainSharper