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Dippin’ Dots Factory Explodes

An explosion at a Kentucky plant that makes Dippin’ Dots ingredients injured ten people. The terrifying incident occurred on Wednesday, June 22 at an ice cream facility in Paducah. Here’s what went wrong:

Top 10 Iconic Olympic Scandals

You would think that all the scandals in Olympic history would involve cheating or breaking the rules but they often entail something completely different. So, join us for a walk down memory lane as we look back at the most Iconic Olympic Scandals Through History.

Myths You Still Believe (But Shouldn’t!)

We are all told little myths as children, but did you know you still believe some of them? Did you know cracking your knuckles does NOT cause arthritis? Find out more of the myths that have been debunked.

Marriage Tweets That Made Us LOL

Every marriage joke told, every diss made between husband and wife eventually becomes Twitter material at some point. A lot of times these tweets are funny, but mostly they’re bitter and grotesque. Remember being told that there was no way to win an argument with your significant other? Well, sometimes you can get back at …

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The Northern Lights Finally Revealed

The origin of the northern lights has finally be explained! Although the northern light, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is one of the greatest light shows on earth, scientists didn’t know what caused it. Watch to find out.

America’s 5 Most Miserable Cities

Weather, cost of living, and crime rates can make living in some cities across the US much less appealing than in others. Below are the top #5 most miserable cities.

Will Walkmans Come Back In Style?

Portable music has always been in style, whether that’s the iconic Walkman or the iPod, or music streaming from your phone. But things always come back around. Is the walkman making a rise in popularity again? Statista