Bizzare Old Photos Explained

Human beings across the world have been trying to capture evidence of the unknown ever since cameras were invented. Unfortunately, for every unique photograph of a new sighting or discovery, there are many others that are simply cases of mistaken identities or just hoaxes. But you should never underestimate mankind’s ability to get creative and take bizarre and interesting photographs. Here are a few that will certainly take you by surprise and grab your attention. We’ve also explained what each of these brilliantly-captured photos indicates.

De Loys’ mysterious ape

The photograph of what is allegedly an aggressive, humanoid ape was taken in 1920 by a Swiss geologist. This is the only known photo of an ape native to the Western Hemisphere. It is also one of the strangest pictures of an unidentified creature ever captured on camera. De Loys stated that he killed one of these apes, propped it up on a box, and took the photograph. 

Image credit: Twitter