5 Beach Fails That You Will Instantly Relate To

We all love the beach, right? The sand, the sun, losing your flip flop at the water’s edge – who can say no to a beach day?

However, there are lots of people who find themselves in awkward situations when they visit the beach. Here are 5 hilarious beach fails that will make you laugh (and cringe). But most of all, it might make you appreciate how lucky you are to have had no mishaps at all! Let’s jump right in.


Trying to run into the water like a boss but ending up faceplanted in the sand is one way to get attention on the beach. This woman was filmed trying to run along the sand. But she didn’t make it too far before slipping and landing on her knees and face in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Image credit: Twitter

Dead asleep

This is why you should always be careful when your children are napping at the beach. A man allowed his daughter to nap on the sand, but a concerned stranger asked if they were father and daughter. The man realized he should probably wake his child up, because she appeared to be passed out. 

Image credit: Twitter

Oh my god! What is that?

It’s a beautiful day at the beach. The sun is shining. The waves are crashing. The whole family is gathered to take a picture on the beach. Everything is going wonderfully, until someone notices a naked man just behind them. Too late! The shot is taken, and now that family has an awkward beach memory. 

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Less is more?

While some people tend to overdo it with sunscreen, this woman chose to do the opposite. We’re not exactly sure what happened here. But maybe she only wants to protect certain parts of her body. Still, it’s going to make for some weird tan lines – that’s for sure!

Image credit: Twitter

Expensive fall

This woman went to the beach to photograph her nephews having fun. The kid built a tunnel into which she fell, along with her photographic equipment and new cell phone. Her $2,000 worth of equipment was ruined by saltwater damage. She got this one picture from her camera, though. 

Image credit: Twitter