Actors Who Died on Set

Being an actor in Hollywood is not as easy as it appears. Beyond all the glitz and glamor, the job can be downright life-threatening at times. Here’s a list of five actors who passed away while working on a television show or movie. 

Jon-Erik Hexum

Jon-Erik Hexum was only 26 years when he died while shooting for Cover Up, a CBS action show. On the day he died, there were numerous shooting delays. When Hexum was informed that the filming delays would continue, he, as a joke, grabbed a prop gun, pointed it to his temple, and quipped, “Can you believe this crap?” He then pulled the trigger, assuming nothing would happen since it was a prop gun. But although the gun didn’t fire real bullets, it released a great deal of force, which drove a bone fragment into the actor’s brain. He died six days after the incident. 

Jon-Erik arms

Credits: Wikimedia Commons