5 Weather Girls Who Are Super Hot!

The job of a weather girl has come a long way from what it used to be. Now, if we hear the word “weather girl,” the first thing that comes to mind is someone who has a large following on social media and is also witty and knows how to look hot on screen. Check out these hot weather girls if you’re looking for someone to keep you up-to-date on the weather.

Yanet Garcia

Yanet García works as a meteorologist for Televisa Monterrey in Mexico and is an actress, TV presenter, and influencer on social media. She has a hugely popular Instagram account with thousands of followers and fans worldwide due to her selfies, workout videos, and cute pictures with her pets. She frequently posts pictures and videos of herself in revealing outfits and pictures of her showing off her enviable body. Her followers go crazy over the revealing bikini shots she shares.

Ximena Córdoba Londoño

Ximena Córdoba Londoño shows off her defined features and picturesque posts on Instagram. As a host, Londoño appears on TNT Movie Club on Univision and Despierta America on the TNT cable network. In addition, she has starred in the series Francisco el Matemático. You’ll also regularly see this TV host and model post exercises and workout routines that she performs. Her followers are in awe of her photoshoots and behind-the-scenes snapshots of her work. Even though she’s much older, she still looks like a 30-year-old. 

Ariane Brodier

Ariane Brodier is a weather presenter for the French TV channel, M6. She studied meteorology upon completing her course and became a weather girl for the station. Ariane has worked on national television since she was 19 years old; today, several years later, she is still a regular face on television. She frequently shares posts of her family and home on Instagram, which is why she’s so popular online. Her fans appreciate getting to know her better this way.

Diana Alvarado

Diana Alvarado, the weather presenter for Channel 44, is another weather goddess and works hard to stay in shape. Diana is best known for winning the International Miss America pageant. To maintain her physique, she performs several grueling workout sessions each week. Alvarado is a talented woman who can shift from being witty and charming to insightful in mere moments. She loves encouraging people to become better versions of themselves and is also a motivational speaker.

Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft is both a journalist and a meteorologist but has been best known for her weather videocasts. She married Ross Resnick, the founder of Roaming Hunger, in 2011. Evelyn moved from San Francisco to England, Israel, and France as a young woman. She learned English, Hebrew, and French during her travels. Evelyn’s Instagram feed is a mix of adorable photos of kids and charming shots of her husband. She’s built a huge following by giving her followers a little slice of her life in the form of pictures.