20 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas That People on Your List Will Adore

You’re busy. We get it. But don’t worry about finding cool, unique Christmas gifts for your friends and family because we’ve got you covered. These twenty ideas prove that meaningful presents can be inexpensive and easy to find. Let’s get started. 

Laneige Besties Skin Care Set

Credits: Amazon

This set is an entire skincare routine, including a cleanser, moisturizer, serum, face mask, and lip mask. With these products, you’ll wake up looking refreshed and hydrated.

Review: “I took a chance and ordered this, and I’m glad I did! I’ve seen the Laneige lip mask everywhere and wondered what their skincare line was like. I felt the travel size was the best option instead of committing to the full size and regretting it. I love every one of the products included in this kit. The lip mask is luxurious, and the different face creams are silky smooth, leaving my skin feeling soft and refreshed. The face wash is gentle and does not irritate my sensitive skin. The travel-size bag that is included is cute and functional. If you’re looking for a healthy glow and hydration, give this a try!”

-Julie Melichar

LongBay Faux Fur Spa Slippers

Credits: Amazon

Looking for a present for the woman in your life? She could use a new pair of comfy slippers.

Review: “There’s no real reason I bought these other than that they’re cute and fluffy. I didn’t have any expectations for how they would fit, but I’m not disappointed. They’ve got a nice memory foam sole so standing for long periods isn’t too unbearable. They’re knitted-lined, so your feet may get a little warm while wearing them. If you order your normal shoe size, you shouldn’t have a problem with how they fit (they may loosen up over time), but if you want something a little looser fitting, maybe size up.”


Laser Star Projector With LED Nebula Galaxy

Credits: Amazon

Turn your teenage sister’s room into a planetarium with this projector that’s a hit on TikTok.

Review: “Got it for a 12-year-old girl’s B-day, as I’d had the bigger, old-timey kind many years ago, that was actually made in the shape of a star. This new one is far more compact and sleek, and the girl is now very into turning it on and kinda pondering the universe. Meditating. Just being still. How about THAT!?”

-Regent T. St Claire

Burt’s Bees Essential Moisturizing Kit

Credits: Amazon

This set includes the brand’s best products— A cleanser, hand cream, body lotion, lip balm, and foot cream. 

Review: “I bought these for teacher gifts. I was worried because I read the reviews after purchasing them that the boxes came damaged and weren’t giftable. I couldn’t be more pleased. They must have taken action on the problem because mine arrived perfectly.”


Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

Credits: Amazon

You can’t always be there for your friend, but this pouch can! It’s filled with seventeen essential items that will help your loved one in almost any tiff.

Review: “Overall, I really love this case. It’s already coming in handy. It sucks that when you use something, though, you can’t just replace it with a normal item. I use the stain remover cloth, and there’s nothing I can get at the store that would be similar, and that would fit. Clear. Nail polish already came in handy. Handy. I keep it in a plastic case to see what is in there, which is kind of inconvenient. It would be cool if there was a list on the inside, so I don’t go digging through and taking out everything only to find out it’s something that’s not in there. Overall an amazing and extremely helpful case to have in your purse or at work. I have one for both”

-Katie says

As Cooked On TikTok 

Credits: Amazon

With a foreword by Gordon Ramsay, this cookbook has easy-to-make recipes from your favorite TikTok videos and creators.

Review: “I am an avid TikTok’er, and by avid, I like to primarily scroll and find fun recipes. This book has outlined some of the best. What makes it really fun are the QR codes with most of the recipes so you can really feel connected to the creators. Just buy it!”

-Shaun R Hinkle

Fly By Jing Triple Threat Seasonings Trio

Credits: Amazon

Spice up someone’s life with this fan-favorite Zhong sauce, chili crisp, and Mala spice trio from Fly by Jing.

Review: “I purchased the triple pack but have only used the chili crisp so far and love it. It is often on the table for many of our meals. Great taste and flavor. Just a dribble in most noodle soups and stews sends the dish to a different higher level. Delicious. It’s a staple now at our house.”


Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Credits: Amazon

This water bottle is cute, customizable, and a reminder to drink water throughout the day. 

Review: “These are made well, leakproof, and strong. Fits well in car cup holders and keeps your water cool for a while, even all day. The only bummer is you can’t wash them in the dishwasher, so you have to hand wash them. Also, the price on Amazon is pretty good or even the same as if you bought it at a sporting goods store.”


Secura Milk Frother

Credits: Amazon

Upgrade your giftee’s lattes with this milk frother that makes cold and hot foam in under a minute.

Review: “I was on the fence about this product before purchasing it. However, I’ve used it every day since it arrived and absolutely loved it. The steamer is so quiet and easy to use and clean up. I wish I’d purchased it sooner. I would recommend this item to anyone.”


Uno Casa Cast-Iron Tortilla Press

Credits: Amazon

The tortilla lovers will obsess over this cast-iron press. It’s a great gift that gets better with each batch of Tortillas. 

Review: “This tortilla press is awesome! It’s very easy to use and keeps clean, and my tortillas were perfectly round every time! I also love that 50 sheets of pre-cut parchment paper are included, as I would always rather use something biodegradable than plastic when cooking. I also love the look of cast iron cookware/tools, so the tortilla press is also aesthetically pleasing. Would definitely recommend this product!”

-Jen Owen

Ultra Air Fryer

Credits: Amazon

This air fryer doesn’t take up much kitchen-counter space. It’s also good for more than just frying, like roasting or baking too.

Review: “I love this air fryer; it is so easy to use and clean. Great value for the money. It’s a little big for what it can hold in the basket, but I am so happy with this purchase.”

-Jennifer McDonough

Food Huggers Reusable Silicone Food Savers

Credits: Amazon

Food huggers are second homes for cut fruits and veg. They’re genius replacements for anyone with a cupboard full of mason jars.

Review: “I was given a set of food huggers a couple of years ago. I have been using them all the time. They save me from using plastic wrap. I then purchased a few sets to give as presents. All the recipients love them.”


Beaba Babycook 4-in-1 Steam Cooker

Credits: Amazon

This gift is highly recommended for new moms. It’s easy to use and quick to get started!

Review: “I am a first-time mom, and I have tried several ways to steam and blend my baby’s food. This is the best and easiest way, anyone in the house can do it, and I know the food will be the right consistency. It’s straightforward to clean and doesn’t take too much time. Earlier, I would be in the kitchen for a while, and now I am in and out. I am also able to explore more foods. The only con is that I wish I could have gotten the one with double cylinders to cook two different types of food simultaneously. But it’s not too big a deal.”


W&P Porter Glass Lunch Bowl

Credits: Amazon

This glass bowl is the chicer version of a lunch box—perfect for the office break room. Salads and grain bowls have never looked so good.

Review: “My first one broke when I dropped it. I liked it so much that I bought another one. It has a great feel, and the glass is easy to clean (although the silicone needs to be removed from time to time for deeper cleaning.”

-Robin Hood

Kitsch Spa Headband

Credits: Amazon

This headband is essential for anyone who hasn’t seen their hairdresser or takes self-care days seriously.

Review: “I use this every night when I wash my face. I love how there is a hole in the back so you can put your hair through to keep it from falling on to your face when you bend down over the sink to rinse. They have cute designs. Love the leopard one.”


Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

Credits: Amazon

This gadget is a game-changer for parents. It can be used as a portable light to train kids on a sleep schedule.  

Review: “As I write this review, it is 3:30 am, and my children (ages 1&3) just slept through a screaming house alarm going off for T E N minutes. We just moved into a house, and the previous owner had an alarm system on which we didn’t continue service. It decided to go off in the middle of the night. I kept waiting for my one or three-year-old to wake up crying. Nope. Their Hatches (both at 80% volume on the white noise setting) kept them asleep. I’ll also mention that our power cord stopped working at one point. I contacted Hatch directly, and they sent a replacement quickly and easily. God Bless Hatch!”


Atlas Coffee Club Gift Set 

Credits: Amazon

Fuel your giftee’s caffeine addiction with this coffee gift set. They’ll think of you every day while sipping their morning coffee.

Review: “I purchased this to donate to a coffee-themed basket for my child’s school raffle. I love that you get information and a postcard to go along with each coffee. The only issue is the package is shipped in its original box, so the shipping label is right on the box you are trying to gift/donate. This is especially annoying because this is a gift item. The vast majority of people buying this coffee set are doing so to give it as a gift. It’s a very cool concept that is well thought out, except for the shipping situation.”


Loftek Globe Lamp

Credits: Amazon

This LED light is a favorite! Think of it as a classier version of those strip lights in every teenager’s room.

Review: “For the size, it’s bright enough for small areas. Battery life is amazingly long for being 6 inches wide. The remote makes things easy when you want to change colors or modes. The strobe mode is white only but slower than most flashlight strobe modes. I’d recommend it if you need something small.”


Decorium Interiors Spice Jars With Labels

Credits: Amazon

This spice organization kit is great for anyone channeling their inner Marie Kondo. 

Review: “These are exactly what I was looking for to put our spices in! We have a pull-out spice drawer, and trying to find containers that would fit has been quite trying. Not only are these a great fit, but I love the aesthetic. I ordered them and received them within a day or two. My only complaint about the set is the light ink color labels and small print. I ordered some that aesthetically match the jars, and they’re perfect.”

-Amazon Customer

Amazon.com eGift Card

Credits: Amazon

Some people want gift cards—no judgment. Cash never goes unappreciated if you have absolutely no idea what to give this holiday season.

Review: “I have both given and received Amazon gift cards, and they are a great choice when you have no idea what the person wants. This is good for any product on Amazon, and practically everyone shops on this site anyway.”

-Elizabeth Field