10 Minimalist Kitchens With Maximum Style

The minimalism principle is to do more with less. But to achieve a minimalist kitchen design, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for style. All that’s needed is removing the clutter and optimizing the space for meal prep, cooking, and dining. 

Whether you live in an apartment or a large suburban home, a minimalist approach can transform your kitchen into an organized and beautiful space.

Check out these ten minimalist kitchens that maximize style by adopting minimalist aesthetics. 

1. English Coach House

Credits: Design by deVOL kitchens

The English Coach House kitchen has a simple layout. The central island makes the most of the classic architecture while creating an updated modern feel. A pair of hanging metal pendant lights harmonizes with the metal framing on the ceiling skylight windows and industrial-style glass door.

2. Parisian Style

Credits: Design by Leymarie Gourdon Architectes/Photo by BCDF Studio

This Parisian kitchen features elegant bones, intricate ceiling moldings, and modern cabinets. The contrast between warm wood cabinetry and a waterfall edge island adds to the contemporary feel of the space. The classic French oak flooring in a herringbone pattern completes this Parisian kitchen.

3. Ibiza Chic

Credits: Fantastic Frank

With its clean lines and simple finish, this kitchen is nestled in a corner beneath the metal staircase. Clean, white cabinets give way to rough wood touches on the cabinet doors and floating shelves that add contrast to the space.

4. Vaulted

Credits: Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel / Photo by Nicole Franzen

This kitchen’s vaulted wood-paneled ceilings bring warmth to the open space. With a huge island, ample countertops, and a gorgeous view, the kitchen is bathed in gentle white and marble tones. An elegant design with built-in storage creates a calm space for gatherings.

5. Pure

Credits: Design by John Pawson for Living Architecture/Photo by Jack Hobhouse

The minimalist kitchen every homeowner would dream of having. This Welsh country holiday home sports an aesthetic palette of pale bricks and polished concrete floors. Set against Douglas fir timber ceilings, doors, and furniture, all the elements come together to make for a cohesive charm. 

6. Open and airy

Image: https://www.thespruce.com/thmb/c9AVrh3I7PvrfpQ141eZfR6etTU=/750×0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc():format(webp)/HB1117_CREDIT_HOMEBEAUTIFUL_EVEWILSON_026-ba221e3092c14909af4190148b9ebd70.jpg

Credits: Design by Liberty Interiors/Photo by Eve Wilson

Inspired by the clean, open spaces of the Australian coast, this kitchen features an all-white palette, black accents, and warm wood floors to maximize natural light. Simple lines and ample storage give it a classic yet minimal aesthetic, adding to its appeal.

7. Warehouse

Credits: Design by Leanne Ford Interiors/Photo by Reid Rolls

Modern, minimal, and industrial. Sturdy bones and clean lines define this warehouse apartment with a black, white, and gray palette. Industrial finishes from overhead pendant lights, casement windows, and concrete floors lend a touch of character to the space. 

8. Coastal

Credits: Design by Tyler Karu

This open-plan kitchen is inspired by the coastal style with a tranquil feel. Pared-down white vertical paneling and smoky navy lower cabinetry are showstoppers, alongside silver and glass globe pendant lights and chunky wood stools that offer a necessary contrast. 

9. New Classic

Credits: Design by Kara Mann

This design honors the historic bones of the house with the use of noble materials like marble and wood. The kitchen features a minimalist contemporary update that seamlessly combines old and new, facilitates cooking, and blends into the traditional, open plan room during off hours.

10. Copper Accents

Credits: Design by deVOL kitchens

This kitchen design balances modern and traditional elements to create a classic, comfortable space. The walls are painted pale gray-green, while the cabinetry is navy blue. A trio of pendant lights was designed in copper metallic finishes to add warmth and interest to the space.